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“Tis the Season to Increase Sales”

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

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The last two weeks of the year are an excellent time to reflect on the pass year sales effort and plan for 2010 sales. We make resolutions to improve our physical being which is great, but I want you to make resolutions to grow professionally in your sales. I would recommend the following for consideration.

Sales Goals

Using the old adage “Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan” decide to write down 2 to 3 sales goals for 2010 that meet the acronym SMART.

S–Specific: Ask Who?, Where?, Why? What? When?
M–Measurable: How much?, How many? By when?
A–Attainable: What was done in the past? What conditions exist that will enable you the reach the goal by the target date?
R–Realistic: Have considered resources and time restraints? Do you believe the goal can be accomplished?
T–Tangible: What measurements have been set? How will things look and feel when the goal is met?
The idea “What is in it for ME” is very important. Write down what benefits YOU will obtain in achieving your goals.

“Overcome” Write down obstacles to you achieving each of your goals and the solutions you are going to use to overcome the obstacles.
Become an “Action Jackson” by setting specific action steps for achieving your goals with dates of accomplishments.
“Celebrate” Create tracking mechanisms to determine your progress and rewards for your success.
This process will take time but the benefits will be astounding.

Time Management

The second area to develop for progress in sales is in the area of time management. I would recommend two initial steps for success.

First: Monthly Planning

Set aside time at the end of each month (at least an hour) to plan the next month. Block time to work on your sales goals for the next month. Document your appointments and time blocking on your monthly calendar. Track your monthly progress.

Second: Daily Planning

Take 10 to 15 minutes to plan your day. This should be done the night before. Transfer all appointments, commitments, and blocked time to you daily list. Close out each day, record your accomplishments, track results, and celebrate success.

To quote Zig Zigler: “I believe you can get everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want.”