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Guiding the Work

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Supervisors must know and understand the goals and objectives of their organization and direct the work of their staff to meet those demands.� Termed “Guiding the Work”� Supervisors must support the organizational goals acting decisively and develop plans to get their employees involved in the process.�� One method is for the Supervisor to hold periodic meetings with staff members to discuss organizational goals and how the employee could aid in the promotion of those goals which in turn will provide success for them.� One supervisor I work with uses team meetings to promote his firms goals.� These monthly meetings are used to review the goals and objectives� of the company and relate them to the staffs goals and objectives.� He has found the meetings have enhanced staff’s “buy in” for the goals and objectives of the company as they create action plans and make decisions for their own goals.� Through these efforts members of his staff have been very successful in their goals which has in turn created success for the company.

What are you doing in your company to promote the goals of the organization?� Challenge yourself this week to make an effort to create an action to promote your organizations goals and determine the success of your effort.� Your action may make others move forward.

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