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The Life Blood of Sales: Prospecting

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In our pipeline of sales we can sell more to our existing clients and sell to new prospects to grow our sales numbers. This article discusses a process to obtain new clients through prospecting.

After you have created a list of prospects start by doing research on each of your prospects. The research stage consists of learning as much as possible about your prospects. Obtaining information about your prospects is essential to know their hot buttons, how they solve problems, who they know, and what they value. The use of viewing prospects websites, contacting your business partners to obtain information, talking to current clients who know your prospects, and using your referral networks.

Contacting your prospects begins after your research is done. The best way to arrange a meeting is through referral partners. The partners should be able to arrange an appointment for you with your prospects.

The next option for contact is a telephone call. The key is getting an appointment - not to make a sale. When you make the call to your prospects use a present client’s name as a bridge in communication. Try to provide a couple of options to your prospects for a meeting. You must be persistent, remembering your only purpose for the call is to get an appointment.

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